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LNG is a necessity when hauling heavy loads.

LNG is created by chilling natural gas down to -263 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at which it changes state. As a liquid, natural gas is colorless, odorless, and environmentally friendly. In the event of a spill, LNG quickly gasifies and won’t contaminate ground water, unlike petroleum products.


LNG is the ideal fuel for long-haul trucking as LNG vehicles have a range potential of up to 900 miles. Due to the high energy density of LNG, approximately 2.5 times that of CNG, truckers using LNG can easily travel to their destination and back without having to refuel. Conversion kits are readily available to convert diesel engines to run on a mixture of diesel and LNG (dual-feul). Savings from switching to LNG will rapidly pay off the cost of fuel-system-conversion, with years of savings to follow.


LNG is the only natural gas fuel with engines exceeding 400 HP, making LNG a necessity when hauling heavy loads. Both trains and ships are projected to run on LNG within the next few years so that they too can take advantage of all the savings and environmental benefits of running on LNG.

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